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Journey of Green Eco Food Product (Pvt) Ltd.

About Us

We Are Leading Pomegranate Plantation and Cultivating Company In Sri Lanka

Green Eco Food Product (Pvt) Ltd established in February 2021 as a concept of value-added green food concept. At the starting point introduced range of value- added green food products to the local market. Mainly paste type of products introduced to the market under this concept as well as export quality Sri Lankan spices had been released to local market.

The target market was prestige level customers, we have catered this range of products through supermarket change as well as star category hotels in Sri Lanka. Based on this concept just we have developed new business plan for this previous product range to catch up part of foreign market. We have already planned re-launch previous product range attached with innovative range of products to export market as well as prestige market in Sri Lanka.

Under eco food concept just we have planned launch coconut-based range of products to the foreign market. Few numbers of products already launched to Sri Lankan market as a trial run, and it has been achieved excellent consumer perception and preference rate. Through this trial run we could assume there must be a better market demand for that range of products. We have already started cultivating pomegranate at dry zone in Sri Lanka.

The purpose of this project is making some range of pomegranates export-based range of products to the market. As a trial run, we have started cultivating pomegranate plants at our “Sigiriya Plantation” two years ago. Just it has been going to give us quality harvest within this year. There are two products under patent listen ongoing process. Purpose of this project is catching up major portion of export market for our special value-added pomegranates products.

These export quality products can be purchase from key account chains, star hotels and online store in Sri Lanka. Next project is serving seasonal fruits as well as unique Sri Lankan fruits to off seasonal market by using high technological preservations without any chemical usage.

Our Vision

Become leading company for catering Sri Lankan value added fresh natural foods for the world market under the Sri Lankan brand of “Green Eco foods”.

Our Mission

Within one year expand cultivation of pomegranate and other export-based fruits with under the consultancy of agricultural experts and get harvest in the off season as well as add some value for this harvest and launch four types of pomegranate-based products to the export market, key accounts in Sri Lanka, star hotels and starting on-line shop.

Established our main production plant in Galigamuwa Industrial zone as soon as possible. All the cultivating lands converted into the multi-income-based profit centers. By fulfilling standers requirements for achieve local and foreign standers. Mainly adopt with government land projects acquirer government lands under the projects of “Exporting Green Eco Foods”. Sign join venture with Kurunegala 30 Acres and starting farming procedure. Initiate to purchase 150 Acres in Puthlam, starting new farm with pomegranate cultivation and cultivating king coconut for the purpose of new product development by targeting Medi health market.

The Team

Our Experts

Mr.Sanath Chandarsiri

Director Chairman

Who is founder of the business green eco food products (Pvt) Ltd (paste type spices /Pomegranate cultivation and starting new export based business within Sri Lanka)

Mr. W. M. W. G. M. T. B. Weerakoon


Share holder of green Eco food products (Pvt) Ltd.


  • 20 years experience in field of sales and marketing.
  • 10 years experience in insurance industry within Sri Lanka

Mr. Y. M. D. T. Yatawara

Head of Sales | Marketing | Branding and Production

Number of innovative range of products had been launched in Sri Lankan market and also More than 18 years experience in sales marketing branding and product innovation within Sri Lanka. Brand ,product as well as local and export market developer of the green Eco Food Products (Pvt) Ltd.


  • BSc Sp in Marketing Management (2nd Lower Class)
  • MBA (1st class ) University of Mainz’s Johannes Gutenberg (Internship in South Korea )

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